PPAK9 Protects the 21st Security Forces Squadron, Military Working Dog Unit, Peterson Air Force Base

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PPAK9 Protects the 21st Security Forces Squadron, Military Working Dog Unit, Peterson Air Force Base

In the largest nonprofit equipment donation to a US military K9 unit, PPAK9 has provided critical equipment to the entire 21st Security Forces Squadron, Military Working Dog Unit based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. 

The 21st SFS is the Air Force’s most geographically dispersed wing, and the fifth-largest wing in the Air Force by number of units, literally covering the world with their operations. Their mission: Protect, defend and fight to enable Air Force, joint and coalition missions. The 21st Security Forces Squadron focuses on being mission-ready, resilient, and air-minded. They are organized, trained, and equipped to deliver enduring integrated defense against threats to the Air Force, joint and coalition missions, and are recognized and respected for their air-centric expertise and Military Working Dogs. 

21st SFS MWD Unit consists of 14 K9s. These dogs, along with their handlers are deployed domestically and worldwide to support the war on terror, helping to safeguard military bases and activities and to detect bombs and other explosives before they inflict harm. 

Now, these four-legged troops have the same level of protective equipment their human partners have to keep them safe on duty. 

Each working military dog received a custom-fit K9 storm Special Ops ballistic vest, a military grade K9 cooling vest, a tactical K9 first aid trauma kit with combat gauze, and a K9 narcan kit. 

The K9 Storm Special Ops ballistic vest is designed to be used 24/7, for all calls, all conditions, day and night for long range tracking, searching, rappelling, extracting, detection, apprehending, and even aerial insertions from helicopters. K9s can work effectively in their K9 Storm vest 100% of the time without it needing to be taken off. For a K9 to work effectively, their gear has to fit 100% correctly. 

Every K9 Storm vest is custom-made to each K9 because the perfect fit equals excellent movement and full tactical ability. The K9 Storm vest is designed with the lightest weight ballistic material to protect the K9’s vital organs and to allow them to do their job and come home safely. The K9 Storm vest weighs 3lbs on average depending on the size of the dog. The dog’s entire body evenly distributes the weight, so the K9 can easily work in their vest their entire shift. 

A key component for the military is its stealth nature; a silent hardware system that prevents any metal to metal contact–you won’t hear any jangling or see any reflective giveaways as it’s completely silent, and ultralight. 

The vests are custom-made with K9 Storm’s Special Ops package for military tactical gear which allows for electronic system attachments such as thermal fusion cameras, GPS, communications, and lights. Due to its tactical capabilities, protection level, and ultralight weight, the K9 Storm Special Ops vest is the preferred vest for military working dog units. K9 Storm vests are guaranteed for the life of the K9. These vests help protect the K9s from gun shots, stabbings, and other blunt force trauma while on duty. 

The military grade K9 cooling vest is a professional cooling vest that is designed for police, military, and search & rescue K9s who are exposed to temperatures or conditions that would inhibit the K9’s work or safety. 

The vest provides hours of cooling comfort and heat stress prevention using the latest technology called Phase Change Material (PCM) to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around the K9. Unlike most standard dog cooling vests, the PCM K9 vest covers 100% of the K9’s torso/sides and back, as well as their chest and neck. These cooling vests are light-weight and have built-in harness openings so that it can be used under harnesses and ballistic vests when needed. They not only help to maintain a safe body temperature for the K9s to work in, but also provide much-needed cooling relief during extended work deployments. This is not an ice pack device which uses frozen ice packs to cool, nor do these get soaked in water. With PCM there is no ice burn, condensation, fluctuating temperatures or most importantly discomfort from the cold. The Cool Pax gel inserts are non-toxic, non-flammable, durable, reusable, lighter than water, does not produce condensation, and releases long-lasting temperature specific cooling relief for the K9. 

The Tactical K9 First Aid Field Trauma Kit with Combat Gauze is a military-grade kit designed for use by Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, and Search & Rescue K9 Units. This kit contains specific supplies needed to treat the K9 for injuries ranging from gunshot and knife wounds to snake bites. The kit provides the necessary tools to address the major traumatic injuries common to K9’s operating in the law enforcement environment, as well as common K9 emergencies such as heat injury and toxic ingestion. 

Constructed of rugged 500D Cordura with self-repairing zippers and silent 550 cord pulls, the kit is also water-resistant. The MOLLE style webbing and Infrared Signature Reduction make this kit the superior solution whether on daily patrol, tactical missions, explosives details, covert operations, or extended search and tracking purposes. 

K9 teams face substantial risks on a daily basis. While emergency care is often readily available to the handler, the same cannot be said of their canine partner. Equipping them with a K9 tactical first aid trauma kit for use in the field can make a huge difference. Distribution of these kits will give the handlers the means to do just that. In addition, everything in the kit can also be used to treat and/or the save the life of a human. 

K9 NARCAN kits will stop an accidental overdose should a K9 come in contact with an opioid on duty. K9s are just the latest victims in a growing opioid epidemic that has spread across the United States. K9 units searching for illicit drugs are often exposed to lethal amounts of opioids, including Fentanyl. The frightening strength of some of these drugs, particularly Fentanyl, present a new danger to K9s. 

NARCAN is a drug designed to immediately reverse the effects of opioids like Heroin, Fentanyl and Carfentanil by blocking the body’s opiate receptors. Fentanyl is so lethal that a tiny amount the size of a grain of rice can kill a K9 or human. NARCAN reverses overdoses with few side effects. It has long been used by doctors and ambulance crews. A NARCAN dose can successfully stabilize a K9 at the scene, who can then be transported to an animal hospital for further treatment and observation. 

Our K9 NARCAN kit includes two separate nasal spray doses and a NARCAN carry pouch which can be worn on the K9 Handlers duty belt or vest to ensure constant and immediate access when needed. Two doses are included because field reports have shown that often times more than one dose is required to be administered on-scene to K9s. The specialized carry pouches are made of rugged nylon that sheds moisture. The interior is poly insulation which provides protection from extreme temperature to protect the NARCAN from the weather and elements to ensure the NARCAN is at full strength. 

The unit was also provided with a K9 Intruder Camera & Speaker System to detect and defend against enemies. Designed for special operations, the Intruder has a transmitting range of roughly 1,000 feet through multiple concrete barriers. The Intruder system mounts to the back of the K9 vests provided by PPAK9. The dog’s partner then has a remote handheld display that allows the handler to see and hear everything the dog sees and hears. The handler can also speak and give commands through the attached camera mounted speaker. Outfitted with night vision, thermal imaging, and able to see through concrete – this cutting-edge technology provides next level safety and protection to both the dog and handler. Waterproof. Shockproof. Dust-proof. The Intruder can take an absolute beating and keep on working, so our troops can come home safely with battle proven gear designed for all scenarios. 

Through your generous donations, protective K9 equipment totaling over $100,000 was provided to the 21st Security Forces Squadron, Military Working Dog Unit, Peterson Air Force Base.