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Five Reasons to Donate to Charities and Non-Profits

Giving is not complicated, if you have you give, if not then you can’t give. So, if giving is not that complicated why do some give and why do others seem not to have the time nor the interest. Here are 5 reasons why giving to charity is good for the body, mind and spirit.  

  1. Donating to charity feels good. The feeling of giving back in some tangible way whether through self-sacrifice or monetary donations motivates people to practice unselfish concern for others. In fact, scientific studies show that generosity stimulates dopamine, which creates similar brain activity in the regions connected to the experience of pleasure and reward. That explains why many donors are devoted in supporting worthy causes. Many donors want to make a difference and are usually attracted to charities which are geared towards meaningful works, to harness the power of this inherent altruism, by helping people within the community. When mission-driven individuals see that charitable organizations are aligned with their values and offer a feel-good giving opportunity, they are almost guaranteed to act. 
  2. Charities and Non-Profited Organizations make a difference. Many people want to make a difference but don’t quite know where to start, charity begins at home. Everyone can make a difference in one way, or the other, giving empowers.  However, for those who are concerned that their donations to charity may be reduced by tax or administrative costs, preventing the full amount from reaching the people or causes they really believe in.  there are ways to ensure that every cent of your donation goes to the cause for example.  If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can boost the amount of every donation you make by giving through Gift Aid, an Income Tax relief programme created to help charities get the most out of the funds they receive. As Gift Aid enables the charity to recover the basic rate of tax on your donation, the scheme effectively adds 25p to each £1 you give at no extra cost to you. There are many other ways to give to charity tax-effectively too, such as by donating straight from your salary (before tax is deducted) through a payroll giving scheme; donating shares to charity; or leaving a charitable legacy in your Will.  
  3. Charities bring people together, people who care about making a difference introduce friends and family to the importance of generosity. Family giving creates a bond, helping to bolster relationships through a shared goal and often raises more money together. Charities help by providing direct help, giving information, or raising awareness of an issue. Lots of charities do a mix of these things. Research conducted for the Charity Commission in 2014 showed that 40% of the public say that they or their close family or friends have benefited from or used the services of a charity. 
  4. Giving is needed. Adding a human element to each fact and statistic might help people to realize the seriousness of their contribution and the necessity of their generosity. Action Against Hunger suggests that world hunger is on the rise, affecting nearly 10% of people globally. From 2019 to 2022, the number of undernourished people grew by as many as 150 million, a crisis driven largely by conflict, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 10,000 children die daily from chronic poor nutrition. While 99% of malnourished people live in countries that are underdeveloped. Today, approximately 10% of the global population suffer from hunger, compared to 24% in 1990. However, if you are looking for a charitable organization close to your heart then finding one should be easy, from animal, climate change, immigration, child abuse, housing, physical and mental abuse charitable and non-profited organizations are everywhere to be found. Get engaged today.  
  5. Giving to charity builds and strengthens self-awareness. With the hassle and bustle of life sometimes it’s easy to miss or ignore what’s happened around us, but an individual is always influenced and molded by the environment and community around them. With the Covid 19 pandemic still evident in our lives and community, the pandemic has encouraged many of us to take a closer look at our local communities and to reflect on ways we can make a difference. Giving to charity, and particularly locally, can be a powerful way to invest in the lives of everyday people around you. Churches, community centers, nursing homes, schools all need help in one way or the other. Connecting with people and seeing the differences can make you feel closer to the cause and can offer you a sense of spiritual awareness. There is nothing better than the feeling of giving to charity and contributing towards helping somebody’s future or wellbeing. 

So, find your reason to be unselfish today and make a difference tomorrow in your giving of whatever you can for a better world you want to live in.