September 19, 2023
Support Our Troops and Their K9 Partners: How You Can Make a Difference
In a world often overshadowed by human heroes, there exists a silent force of four-legged warriors who serve with unwavering loyalty and valor – the K9 […]
September 1, 2023
Support Police K9 Dogs: A Plea for Lifesaving Equipment Funding
Police K9 dogs are more than just loyal companions; they are integral members of law enforcement teams. These highly trained canines work tirelessly to protect and […]
July 10, 2023
Best Non-Profit Organization That Supports K9 Police and Military Dogs
K9 police and military dogs are vital in ensuring public safety and serving alongside our brave officers and soldiers. To support these exceptional canine heroes, it […]
July 10, 2023
Donating to Keep K9s Safe: A Vital Investment in Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies across the nation face numerous challenges in ensuring public safety. One invaluable asset that has repeatedly proven to be a vital investment is […]
June 2, 2023
Therapy K9s
Sponsor a K9 Hero: Help Equip Police Dogs with Life – Saving Gear
Police dogs, also known as K9 officers, are an integral part of law enforcement. They are well-trained, highly skilled, and are used in a variety of […]
May 14, 2023
Happy National Police K9 Day!
Happy National Police K-9 Day! According to, National Police K-9 Day will be celebrated on May 15, 2023. It’s a recognized day to honor Police […]
March 29, 2023
PPA-K9 and you
How to support police dogs thru “Protect Paws Alive”  Police dogs, also known as K-9 officers, play a crucial role in law enforcement. They are trained […]
February 22, 2023
Why Support Police Dogs?
As an integral part of the police force, dogs have been saving human lives for centuries. With their unique sense of smell and intuition, dogs have […]
February 6, 2023
Five Reasons to Donate to Charities and Non-Profits
Giving is not complicated, if you have you give, if not then you can’t give. So, if giving is not that complicated why do some give […]
January 12, 2023
How important are k9 bullet proof vests for the k9 military and police service dogs?
  For many police officers their most commitment and reliable companion on the frontline may not even be humans or weapons, but rather their faithful four–legged […]
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